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So the Meeple Syrup community made a thing – introducing Pecha Kucha Kon 2021, all about board game design from many different perspectives.

For those hearing the term ‘Pecha Kucha’ for the first time, it’s basically a presentation format where you have exactly 20 slides, and exactly 20 seconds per slide. (There are other, shorter versions, but this ’20×20′ is the best known version.) Pecha Kucha is Japanese for ‘chit chat’, and thanks to the time length it’s going to be succinct.

In any case, 7 videos were submitted to the Kon, including one from yours truly – all the videos are embedded below, and the full playlist can be found here. Enjoy!


Game Design From A Psychological Perspective – Meeple Syrup Show

Playtesting using Tabletop Simulator for absolute beginners – a Pecha Kucha – Chris Backe

Why you suck less (and more) than you think you do (PechaKuchaKon 2021)
Dog Eighty

Data Merge: Spreadsheets to Game Prototypes – Josh Derksen

2021 06 26 15 25 10 Data Merge Spreadsheets to Game Prototypes YouTube

(As of publication, this video can only be watched on Youtube itself, so head there to watch it.


Visual Design Principles: Pecha Kucha Kon ’21 – Sarah Shipp

Some thoughts on Military Strategy for Wargame Design – a PechaKucha – Dylan Kirk

How do the pieces fit? – Drayer, Ink

Which one’s your favorite? Learn something interesting? Comments are open.


Your followers and friends will love this!