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Over the last two posts in this series, you’ve gone from being an absolute beginner at Tabletop Simulator to learn how to add new pieces and other stuff to your games. Time to turn our attention to the surfaces we play on — the tables in tabletop games / Tabletop Simulator.

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Add new pieces and other stuff


To be sure, the built-in tables are fine for most people. I personally always use the rectangular table with the Museum background – a lovely blur that fades into the background – but others prefer the different shapes that come built-in. The tables below are ‘mods’, Steam Workshop files similar to the meeples and other pieces seen in the previous post. Head to the URL listed below the picture, then click Subscribe. Once that’s done, open up Tabletop Simulator and look within your Subscriptions to find the mod.

One major difference (and a word of caution): you’ll want to start with the table of your choice, then import the rest of your game on top of it. Open the table mod, save it as its own file in Tabletop Simulator (use your game name as the file name), then build the rest of your game on the table from there.

The Flex Table

download 16

Available at, this is probably the table to get as soon as you feel your game is outgrowing the built-in tables. There’s a tiny little white button in the lower right corner of the table – click that and you’ll see an option panel like this:

download 17

The main option here is the size of the table in the upper left corner (in meters). Change the texture of the surface to red felt, grey felt, or something else if you have an image you like. Note you’ll want to keep that ‘Move Hands’ button checked (or X’d, in this case) to keep the hand zones on the relative side of the table.

The Kraken

download 18

The Kraken table at comes complete with six personal drawers and two extensions on either side of the table, just in case you need more room. It’s a fancier-looking table, and the personal drawers are great for more complex games or larger reference sheet.

The Chimera table

download 19
Available at, the Chimera table is described as a modular table with customizable containers and a widget to add or remove extensions. It’s going to require a bit of customization to make it play the way you want, but it’ll probably look pretty cool when you do.

Large Wood Table

download 20

Available at, it’s a large… wood… wait for it… table. Nothing fancy here, just a different aesthetic.

Fantasy Room

download 21

Available at, there’s a table in the room, but it’s the backdrop setting that’s seriously cool. Yep, that’s a dragon flying in the sky.

3D Room

download 22

Available at, the creator mentions the “slightly exaggerated) oriental style.”

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Your followers and friends will love this!