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Hey, I’m Chris Backe (rhymes with hockey). I make tabletop games and help others make games.

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[#025] adding theme to mechanics, shelving a game, and more

Welcome to your weekly dose of board game design!UKGE is right around the corner, the sun is finally shining more consistently, I went on my first Parkrun (for the non-Brits, volunteer-organized 5K runs at local parks near you)… Life is good.A quick shoutout /...

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Review: The Fail Faster Game Design Program, by Jay Cormier

Review: The Fail Faster Game Design Program, by Jay Cormier

For beginners and people looking to get some help making their game the way they want, this structured course is what you're looking for. The course itself is run on Thinkific, a solid platform to creating video courses like this one. Once you're in, you'll see the...

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